Daddy's Spitting Maidens - Limited Edition DVD


Limited edition of 50 DVDs.
• a numbered certificate of authenticity autographed by the director

In this new work by Sid Lucero, the dreamy voices of a group of girls intertwine like threads of black silk, weaving their disturbing confessions into an anthology of psychological darkness. Their words - a thin whisper between normality and aberration - merge with disturbing images of sensual mouths reacting to memories, creating a world in which, from their perspective, moral barriers seem to dissolve. Daddy's Spitting Maidens is a bleak and twisted journey into the meanderings of their minds, where horror becomes normality and taboos become reality. This is the second nostalgore genre film produced by Dog Food Productions.

Pal - Language: English - Subtitles: Italian or English - Running time 60 minutes.
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⚠This film contains violent language and explicit sexual references. It is not recommended for sensitive audiences.⚠