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Pink for the Masses - Limited Edition DVD


Deluxe limited edition of 12 DVDs.
Pink bag includes:
• a numbered certificate of authenticity autographed by the filmmakers
• a knife signed by the Lucero brothers and actress Pukey Pink
• a random piece of P. Pink's clothing used in the film
• a razor blade.

In the vibrant colorful world of "Pink for the Masses," love and obsession intertwine in a turbulent tale. Pink, a young woman imbued with passion, is captured by the allure of her tormentor. Blindly enamored, she ventures down an impassable path, unaware of the consequences that may follow. A nostalgic story that challenges the boundaries of love and reason, leading Pink toward a dark and merciless fate.

Pal - Language: English - Subtitles: Italian - Running time: 60 minutes
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⚠This film contains violent language and explicit sexual references. It is not recommended for sensitive audiences.⚠